James Piatt
award winning

James has had a lifelong passion for magic. When he was 21 he made the trip to Las Vegas to attend the world famous McBride Magic & Mystery School. Described as “the real life Hogwarts”, James received one on one training from masters of magic Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger.
Upon returning home he joined the Newcastle Upon Tyne Magic Circle, one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious magic clubs. James has held multiple positions within the club including Librarian and Secretary. In early 2024 James received the honour of being elected as the club’s President!
James has consistently won magic awards for the past 15 years. Many for his skill as a close-up magician and his ability to create brand new magic with outside the box presentations. He is the current NMC Close Up Magic Champion 2024 and is also a 3x recipient of the Dennis Dillon Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Newcastle Magic Circle.